2561 – Bilateral Cooperation Program 2023 Call with the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCyT) has been Opened!

2531 - The 4th Call for the Bilateral Cooperation Travel Support Program with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has been opened!

1st Calls for TEYDEB 1501 – 1507 Programs in 2024 Open


4005 – Call for Innovative Educational Applications Support Program

TÜBİTAK 4008 Inclusive Society Practices Support Program for Individuals with Special Needs 2023 Call

33rd Call of TÜBİTAK IRA-SME Network

Applications for 2023 Employment Guaranteed Qualified Young Software Developer Training Support Program (GENÇİS) have started

NEURON Cofund2 Project 2024 Joint International Call Opened

Fırat Development Agency Social Development Support Program (SOGEP) 2024 Pre-Application Process Started

The Second Call for the "International Science Partnerships-Research Collaborations Fund" in Turkey-United Kingdom Partnership is Open for Applications!

1711 - Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Call Opens - 2024

BİDEB 2218 Domestic Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Program 2024 1st Term Call Opens for Applications

TÜBİTAK and Moldova National Research and Development Agency Call for Bilateral Cooperation Opened

Bilateral and Multiple Cooperation Opportunity for our SMEs with SMEs in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Czechia and Luxembourg!


The main purpose is to ensure that the business world and other stakeholders have information on issues appropriate to the requirements of the age, such as conducting R&D projects and developing projects by collaborating, technology and innovation. In this context, ABUTTO activities can be defined as the promotion of our university competencies, resources, and cooperation opportunities for the business world, new technologies, and most importantly, various information activities for educational organizations and university-industry cooperation to spread the R&D culture.

Support Programs

New information and technologies to be produced under the roof of the university within the scope of national and international patent and research projects constitute one of the most important inputs for licensing and commercialization activities, which will create the essential added value of TTOs. In this context and within the framework of the said module, activities such as information, project design, and administrative support can be defined as activities that can be carried out by ABUTTO so that universities and the business world can benefit from various grants support programs.

Project Development

Information, project design, and administrative support can be defined as activities that can be carried out within the framework of this module so that universities and the business world can benefit from various grant support programs. Our goal is to ensure that the academic knowledge of our university is the basis for private-sector R&D projects. The coordination services to be provided by ABUTTO within the framework of this module can be exemplified by determining the needs of the companies by using multi-directional communication tools, putting ideas into a pot and projecting, finding researchers to support the determined projects, forming contracts for cooperation and executing projects.

Intellectual and Industrial Rights Management and Licensing

Identifying projects and studies that can be considered within the scope of intellectual property in universities, patent research, preparation and control of contracts to be signed, management of commercialization processes, confidentiality within the framework of intellectual property management, Know-How, registration, etc. ABUTTO carries out the processes related to making decisions, marketing and licensing intellectual property, and transferring usage information to the user/customer within the scope of this module.

Incorporation and Entrepreneurship

Supporting the entrepreneurial activities to be carried out by academicians to bring new products and technologies to the economy and incorporating activities carried out based on this initiative constitutes the content of this module. Within this framework, ABUTTO provides consultancy and training services to academics and other stakeholders with the main aim of projecting ideas that are the subject of R&D, legal and administrative transactions, and marketing and ultimately turning them into a company that produces added value.

Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office

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